Spring 2020

Classes begin January 6th

*Registration Is Open!

Information About Rates & Dates found below. Class information and Student Needs can be found on our Student Needs Page.

Once registration has opened, you can register through our registration page. 

Monday Dance
4 - 4:45pm Beginner Acro & Creative Movement, 3.5 - 6 yrs 

Must be potty trained and able to follow multiple step directions. *waitlist

5 - 6:25pm Jazz I & Tap I, 8+yrs 

Must also be enrolled in Ballet, 8 - 9 year olds must have a minimum of 2 years of dance experience, 10+ beginners welcome. *waitlist

6:30 - 8:20pm Jazz & Tap II & III, 10+ yrs

Must also be enrolled in Ballet and have 5+ years dance experience. 

Monday Voice

5:30 - 6:25pm Voice Lessons, 9 - 18 years *waitlitst

Come learn about how to use your voice while expanding your musical theatre repertoire with Miss Jenna. Classes will incorporate some music outside of the theatre realm too. This class will require some individual work outside of class time.If students can play an instrument and read music, collaboration may happen toward the end of the session! Add this to musical theatre for just $150. 

Tuesday Dance
4 - 4:55pm Ballet & Tap, 5-7yrs *1 spot

5 year olds must have 1 year dance experience and be interested in a more structured class focused in technique and terminology. 6 - 7 year old beginners welcome.

5 - 5:55pm Ballet I, 8+ yrs *1 spot

8 - 9 yrs must have 2 years of dance experience, 10+ yr beginners welcome. It is preferred that dancers in this class dance a minimum of two days a week.

6 - 7:20pm Ballet II Pre Pointe, 10+yrs 

3 years of dance experience required and 1 year minimum of Ballet I required. Must also attend Friday's 6:15 - 7:25pm. Ballet Package $350 includes Fridays.

7:30 - 8:45pm Ballet III Pointe, 12+yrs *inquire
Must also attend Friday's 6:15 - 7:25. Pointe students should dance a minimum of 3 days a week. Ballet Package $350 includes Fridays.
Wednesday Dance & Theater
3:30 - 4:15pm Ballet & Tap, 3 - 5yrs *waitlitst

Must be potty trained, able to change one's own shoes, and follow multiple step directions. 

4:30-5:45pm Ballet, Tap, & Jazz 6 - 12yrs *1 spot

6-7 year olds must have 2 years of dance experience, 8 -12 yrs beginners welcome

5:55- 7:15pm Theater II, 9 - 18yrs. *5 spots

9 - 10 yrs must have experience participating in a musical theater production. If not join us for Theater I on Fridays to get some experience.

7:25-8:30pm Contemporary Ballet, 10+yrs 

Ballet II & III students also enrolled in Jazz, Tap, and Turn, Tricks, & Leaps are eligible. No exceptions. This is an elite class. 

Wednesday Art
4:45 - 5:55pm Advanced Art, 10 - 18yrs *2 spots

*The focus of this class will be drawing. Some projects will also incorporate watercolors, acrylic, and oil paints. This class is for young artists who have experience in an art studio setting and who are able to focus on teacher led lessons and self selected projects for an hour at a time. 

Thursday Acro & Dance
4:15 - 5:25 Intermediate Acro, 6 - 10yrs *waitlitst

Dance students will be given enrollment preference. Students under 7 should have one year experience of acrobatics class. Acro students to are encouraged to register for a dance class too. Because this is an Acro Dance class musicality and technique are  important. These skills are acquired in dance class.

5:30 - 6:55 Advanced Acro, 9+yrs 

Students must be able to do a strong cartwheel, go back into a backbend independently, and be enrolled in a minimum of two dance classes a week. This is an elite class.

7:00 - 8:15 Turns, Leaps, & Tricks, 10+ 

Must be enrolled in ballet and dancing a minimum of 3 days a week.  This is an elite class. Come improve your technique!

Thursday Art

4:30 - 5:15pm Art Explorations, 3.5 - 6yrs *5 spots

Come explore art mediums in a fun creative environment. Projects will cover drawing, painting, sculpting, scissor cutting skills, basic textiles and more!

5:30 - 6:15pm Budding Artist, 7 - 10yrs  *1 spot

The focus of this class will be drawing. Some projects will incorporate watercolors and acrylic paints too. Come for intermediate acro, stay for art!

Friday Theater & Dance
5 - 6pm Theater I, 6 - 10yrs  *waitlitst
Our young actors learn through process. Each session we produce a musical and everyone gets a speaking/singing role! Our rehearsals are infused with teater technique and terminology too.
6:15-7:25 Ballet II & III 

Must be enrolled in Ballet II & III on Tuesday too. Ballet Package $350 includes Tuesdays.

7:30 - 8:30 Modern/African, 10+yrs 

Ballet II & III students dancing a minimum of 3 days a week eligible. Come improve your endurance and have a blast on Friday nights with your dance friends!

Saturday Dance
9 - 9:45 Ballet & Tap, 3.5 - 5yrs  *waitlitst

Must be potty trained, able to change one's own shoes, and follow multiple step directions.

10 - 10:55 Ballet & Tap, 5 - 7yrs *waitlist

5 year olds must have one year of dance experience and be interested in a more structured class focused on technique and terminology, 6-7 yr beginners welcome.

11 - 12:15 Ballet, Tap, & Jazz, 7- 10yrs *3 spots

7 year olds must have one year of dance experience, beginners 8-10yrs welcome.

* This schedule includes dance, acro, theater, and art classes. Separate dance, theater, and art schedules can also be found on this page. 

*** Unsure of which class(es) to register for? Just email us. We will be happy to guide you into the right class(es).


Theater & Voice Schedule

Theater II - Wednesday 5:55 - 7:15pm, Ages 9 - 18 years.

Students 9 - 10 years should have experience be a part of a musical theater production. *5 spots

Theater I - Friday 5 - 6pm, Ages 6 - 10 years *waitlist

Voice - Monday 5:30 - 6:25, Ages 9 - 18 years *waitlist

Students will gain the tools and experience necessary to use their voice best. Students will build their musical theater repertoire and explore other genres of music too. Those who can play an instrument and read music will have the opportunity to collaborate.

*** Theater Classes are $350 for the first and $175 for each additional. Theater students adding voice can do so for just $150. Our voice class will be limited to about 8 students. If it fills quickly, we will add another class, so if this day/time doesn't work for you, let us know when would by emailing cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com

Day Time Programs


Toddler Time

Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 12pm

Children ages 3 - 6 years meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am - 12pm. Our program is play and nature based with some structured activity time too. We understand that young children learn best through play while developing social skills, emotional skills, mindfulness, and self regulation. We provide quality toys, montessori manipulatives, puzzles, etc. The teachers are always ready to help a child learn something if they express interest. During free play time, some children are playing with wooden train sets, some are putting together a puzzle, others are dressing dolls, while one practices writing their name or numbers. Everyone "works" and plays at their own ability level according to their own interests. Each day children also enjoy art projects or free art exploration, music circle, storytelling, lunch, and time to run, climb, and play under the Oaks in City Park! The cost for this program is $225 a month. 


Early Explorers

Friday 9am - 12pm 

Children ages 4 - 8yrs meet Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm. Our Early Explorers program is developmentally appropriate for young scientists ages 4 - 8yrs who are eager to participate in group activities and learn about the natural world around them. 

This session, our explorers will be exploring the science of self. They will cover the five systems of the body, basic nutrition, and much more. Each lesson will have a coordinating art project to joyfully reinforce the covered material of the week.

The cost for this program is $100 a month or $500 for the Spring session.

Toddler Time students can add this class on for just $75 a month or $375 for the session. Registered Homeschool group students ages 7 - 8 years can attend for $200 the session. 

Home School Group

Our homeschool group meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00am-2pm.  Each day students have two lessons that are separated by lunch and free time in City Park with friends! While our homeschool group is fun and hands on, students who attend are expected to follow proper classroom behavior and etiquette. Homeschool students should be reading and writing before attending Mondays or Wednesdays. If your homeschooler isn't quite ready, join us for Friday's Early Explorer and we'll help get them ready!

On Mondays students ages 7 - 13 years will be exploring all things science! We will do a few weeks of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Our first lesson of the day will introduce a scientific concept. This lesson will be reinforced with an art project. Our second lesson will take us deeper into the concept from the first lesson and will have a coordinating experiment.

On Wednesdays students ages 9 - 18 years will enjoy history of costuming (fashion through the ages) and sewing. This lesson will incorporate history and geography and will allow students with more sewing experience to select their own sewing projects. On Wednesday we'll also jump into photography. We'll go from pin hole cameras, to film, and onto digital and photoshop. We'll develop some film, learn about lighting, composition, famous photographers, and much more! Our Wednesday class is for older students who enjoy a bit more traditional learning environment. Lessons are always hands on, but students will be expected to focus on a project for an hour at a time. 


Students can attend just one or both days. The cost for our spring session is $350 to attend one day or $550 to attend both days a week. Sibling discounts are available. Students bring a lunch each day. Please email or call for more details.


Please email or call for more information. cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com or 504-390-7482


*These Special Programs are only offered during the school year. Because tuition is higher for these programs, automatic monthly payments can be set up.

Adult Classes

Monday 8:30pm HIIT/Circuits, all levels

Wednesday 8:30pm Mat Pilates, all levels

Thursday  8:15pm TAP DAT!, adult tap - all levels

*Adult classes are $50 a month, or $250 for the spring session for all the classes you'd like to take! If you are only participating in TAP DAT!, dues are $150 for the spring. 

Spring 2020 Dates

Classes begin January 6th

Mardi Gras Break February 16th - March 1st

Spring Break April 5th - April 12th

Jazz Fest Break April 19th - May 3rd

Dance Schedule

Ballet & Tap Combo Classes


Ages 3.5 - 5 years: Wednesday 3:30 & Saturday 9am, *waitlist

Students must be potty trained, able to change their own shoes, and able to follow multiple step directions. Class is 45 minutes.

Ages 5 - 7 years: Tuesday 4pm & Saturday 10am * 1 spot

Students under 6 should have one year dance experience. Class is 55 minutes.

Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Combo Classes

Ages 6 - 12: Wednesday 4:30 - 5:45 * 1 spot

Ages 7 - 10: Saturday 11 - 12:15 * 1 - 2 spots

Students under 8 should have two years of dance experience. Class is one hour and 15 minutes. 

Ballet I - Tuesday 5 - 5:55 *waitlist

Ages 8 - 12 years. Dancers under 10 should have 2 years of dance experience. It is preferred that dancers in this class dance a minimum of two days a week.

Ballet II - Tuesday 6 - 7:25 * 1  spot

Ages 10 +. Dancers should have 3 years of dance experience and a minimum of one year of Ballet I. This class must also attend Fridays 6:15 - 7:25. This two day a week package is $350.

Ballet III Tuesday 7:15 - 8:45

Ages 12+. Ballerinas on Pointe only. This class must also attend Fridays 6:15 - 7:25. This two day a week package is $350.

Jazz I & Tap I Monday 5 - 6:25 *waitlist

Ages 8 - 12. Dancers under 10 should have 2 years of dance experience. Dancers must also take ballet. 

Jazz & Tap II & III Monday 6:30 - 8:30 * 1 - 2 spots

Ages 10+. Dancers should have a minimum of 5 years dance experience and must also be enrolled in Ballet II or  III.

Contemporary Dance Wednesday 7:25 - 8:30 * 1 - 2 spots

Ages 10+. Dancers must also be enrolled in Ballet II or III, Jazz & Tap II, and Turns, Tricks, & Leaps.


Beginner, Ages 3.5 - 6 years.  Monday 4 - 4:45 *waitlist

Intermediate, Ages 6.5+ Thursday 4:15 - 5:25 *waitlist

Advanced, Ages 10+ Thursday 5:30 - 6:55

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of two dance classes a week. 

Elite Technique Turns, Tricks, & Leaps, Ages 10+ Thursdays 7 - 8:15

Dancers should dance a minimum of 3 days a week. * 1 - 2 spots

Modern / African Friday 7:30 - 8:30. Ballet II & III students dancing a minimum of 3 days a week are eligible. 


*** Dance classes are $300 for the Spring session for your first class. Each additional class is $150. Unlimited dance/acro classes is $650 or $1000 for siblings. Dancers taking 4 or more classes can add theater, voice, or art for just $150 a class.  Unlimited classes are $1000 for the session for one child or $1500 for a family. Unlimited plans do not include daytime programs. 

Art Schedule

Art Explorations, Ages 3.5 - 6 years, Thursday 4:30 - 5:15 *5 spots

Come have a blast exploring different art mediums in a creative environment. Students will use watercolors, acrylics, scissors, glue, yarn, and more!

Budding Artist, Ages 7 - 10 years, Thursday 5:30 - 6:15 *1 - 2 spots

Our focus this session will be drawing. Some projects will also incooperate watercolor and acrylic paints as well as chalk and oil pastels. 

Advanced Art, Ages 10 - 18 years, Wednesday 4:45 - 5:55 *2 spots

Our focus will be drawing. Some projects will also incooperate watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints as well as chalk and oil pastels. Students in this class should be able to focus on one teacher assigned or self selected project for an hour at a time. 

*** Art classes are $350 for the first and $175 for each additional class.

Registration & Rates

  • Spring session rates are higher than fall due to the number of classes in the session. 

  • Our rates are family rates making it easy for the whole family to get involved! 

  • Movement Classes are $300 for the first and $150 for each additional. Art & Theater Classes are $350 for our spring session, this includes art supplies and extra theater rehearsals. If a 2nd or 3rd art or theater class is added, the rate will be $175 a class. 

  • If Multiple Classes are taken, art and theater class will be charged as the first class. For example, 1 art class and 1 dance class would be $500 (350 for art + 150 for movement). Our Unlimited Family Plan is just $250 a month or $1250 for the spring session. This includes all classes but excludes day time programs and art supply fees.  Please email or call with any questions you may have about pricing. 

  • Please fill out a Registration Inquiry Form (this form is found on the registration page) to start the registration process. An invoice will be sent back to you via email for classes that still have availability in them. Your invoice should be paid within 24 hours to reserve your spot in class. Your receipt for invoice paid will be your registration confirmation. This is not an automated process. New student invoices may take up to a week. Returning students should receive their invoice in 48 hours.

  • If you have any questions about classes, please email us at cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com

  • If a student's class registration is cancelled for any reason, a 50% Refund will be given if we are notified of the cancellation 14 days before the start of the session. If we are notified of a cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the session, no refund will be given.