Spring 2019

Classes begin January 14th

*Registration is Open!

Kid's Class Schedule


4pm Art "Springtime in New Orleans" Ages 4-7yrs , *Full

 This session we will be exploring and celebrating all things New Orleans! We'll learn about well known local artists and their inspirations and influences. We'll also explore local flora and fauna as inspiration for our art. And of course, we'll celebrate Mardi Gras and festival season!  The focus of this class will be drawing and painting, however other media may be incorporated as well! As always, all new projects.

($350 or $175 as 2nd class, includes supplies)

      5pm  Art "Springtime in New Orleans", Ages 7-15yrs *1 spot

 This session we will be exploring and celebrating all things New Orleans! We'll learn about well known local artists and their inspirations and influences. We'll also explore local fauna and flora as inspiration for our art. And of course, we'll celebrate Mardi Gras and festival season!  The focus of this class will be drawing and painting, however other media may be incorporated as well! As always, all new projects.  Come for fine art and stay for textiles! ($350 or $175 as 2nd class, includes supplies)

       6pm Textiles, Ages 7-15yrs  * 1 spot

We are happy to bring textiles back to our schedule! We will explore macrame, felt crafts, batik techniques, and more! Students registering for this class should already know how to thread a needle, tie a simple knot, and be proficient at weaving. Join us for fine arts at 5pm too, and make Mondays art day! ($350 or $175 as 2nd class)

       6:55- 7:55pm Advanced Contemporary Ballet

Contemporary Ballet for our senior Dancers! Class begins promptly at 6:55. Please arrive by 6:50pm to get settled and start warming up. Students in this class must also be enrolled in two weekly ballet classes. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)



4pm Ballet &Tap, Ages 3-5yrs *Full      

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

     5 - 6:15pm Ballet, Tap, & JazzAges 7-12yrs, *Full

Dancers under 8 yrs should have a minimum of 2 years dance experience. If your dancers doesn't have that much experience join us on Wednesdays at 4pm. If your dancer is ready for this class more advanced class, we'll let you know. Dancers ages 9+ may be eligible for pre pointe and contemporary ballet. We also encourage students to join us for Acrobatics to help increase strength, flexibility, body control, and stamina. Please inquire. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

6:20 - 7:45 Dance Conditioning, Turns, Tricks & Tap, Company

Dancers in this class should be taking at least one other dance class a week and should be dancing a minimum of  2 days a week.  At this level, 3 days a week is recommended but not required. Other classes include contemporary ballet, pre pointe, pointe, modern, and  advanced acrobatics. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

             :45 - 8:30pm Modern Dance, Company

($300 or $150 as 2nd class) 




4-4:55pm Ballet & Tap, Ages 5.5 - 7yrs *Full

Dancers under 6 must have one year dance experience. Students in this class are encouraged to also join us for Acrobatics. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

        5 - 5:55pm Pre Pointe, *Full

This class is for dancers ages 9+ who would like to add a ballet class to improve strength, technique, and flexibility.  Not sure if this class is right for your dancer, just email us, and we'll let you know. Those enrolled in this class are encouraged to also take, a combo class on Tuesdays,  contemporary ballet, and advanced acrobatics. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

     6 - 7:15pm Pre-Professional Music Theater  *Full

Ages 9 - 15yrs 

This class will combine drama and improve games with theater technique and terminology , music, and dancing. Our session will end with a professional production starring your child! Our pre-professional students that are 9 or younger should have experience in music, acting, and performing. They should be able to comfortably read a script and have basic understanding of theater terminology and stage direction. If not, join us for Beginner Theater! ($350 as 1st class or $175  as 2nd)



3:15-4pm Beginner Acrobatics, Ages 5.5 - 9yrs *Full

4:05 -5pm Beginner Acrobatics, Ages 5.5 - 9yrs *Full

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

      5-6:25pm Advanced Acrobatics, Ages 9 -15yrs *Full

Students registering for advanced acrobatics should be able to go back into a back bend independently and complete a strong cartwheel. If your child can't do these things YET, just join us for a session of beginner acrobatics then we'll move them up when ready! It is preferred that our advanced acrobatic students are also enrolled in dance.

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

   6:30-7:25pm Contemporary Ballet 

This class is for students ages 9+. To register students must be enrolled in a ballet class and must have a minimum of two years dance experience. Those in this class are encouraged to also take a Tuesday combo class, pre pointe, and Advanced Acrobatics. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)


4:30pm Beginner Music Theater, Ages 5.5 - 9yrs *Full

This class will combine drama and improv games with theater technique and terminology, music, and dancing. Our session will end with a production starring your child! First time theater participants encouraged to register! ($350 as 1st class or $175 as 2nd)


  5:30-6:45pm Pointe, Ages 12+

Dancers enrolled in pointe must also be enrolled in the Tuesday 6:20pm Barre & Tap class. It is preferred but not required, that Pointe dancers are taking a minimum of 4 classes a week including Pointe. They may choose from Tuesday Barre & Tap class, Modern, Contemporary Ballet, and Advanced Acrobatics. ($300 or $150 as 2nd class)



8:30am Ballet and Tap, ages 2.5-4yrs *Full

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

 9:30am Ballet and Tap, ages 4-5yrs *Full

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

 10:30am Ballet and Tap, ages 5 - 7yrs *Full

($300 or $150 as 2nd class)

     11:30am  - 12:45pm Ballet, Tap, & Jazz! ages 6-9yrs *Full

Dancers under 7 registering for this class should have a minimum of 2 years dance experience. Students in this class are encouraged to join us for Acrobatics. And students at least 9 years in age may be eligible for pre-point and contemporary ballet. Please inquire.($300 or $150 as 2nd class)


* All classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Day Time Programs


Toddler Time

Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 12pm (1 spot for ages 4 -5)

Children ages 2.5 - 5yrs meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am - 12pm. Our program is play based with some structured activity time too. We understand that young children learn best through play while developing social skills, emotional skills, mindfulness, and self regulation. We provide quality toys, montessori manipulatives, puzzles, etc. The teachers are always ready to help a child learn something if they express interest. During free play time, some children are playing with wooden train sets, some are putting together a puzzle, others are dressing dolls, while one practices writing their name. Everyone "works" and plays at their own ability level according to their interest. Each day children also enjoy art projects or free art exploration, music circle, story-storytelling, lunch, and time to run, climb, and play under the Oaks in City Park! 

The cost for this program is $225 a month. 


Early Explorers

Friday 9am - 12pm (2 spots for ages 5 - 8yrs)

Children ages 3.5 - 8yrs meet Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm. Our Early Explorers program is developmentally appropriate for children 3.5 - 8yrs who are potty trained and eager to participate in group activities.  

This session, our explorers will be exploring the food they eat, specifically fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy. We will plant and tend a vegetable garden. Explore the life cycle of plants. Taste new fruits and vegetables. Investigate farms. Create art inspired by the day's featured food. Next, our explorers will take off to City Park for free play and group explorations! A guide of healthy food will be made throughout the session. Our younger students will practice turning shapes into recognizable foods while our older students will be writing the genus and species of each in addition to their detailed sketch. 

The cost for this program is $100 a month or $500 for the Spring session.

Toddler Time students can add this class on for just $75 a month or $375 for the session. Registered Homeschool group students ages 6 - 8 years can attend for $200 the session. 

Home School Group

Our homeschool group meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00am-2pm.  Each day students have two lessons that are separated by lunch and free time in City Park with friends! While our homeschool group is fun and hands on, students who attend are expected to follow proper classroom behavior and etiquette. Homeschool students should be reading and writing before attending Mondays or Wednesdays. If your homeschooler isn't quite ready, join us for Friday's Early Explorer and we'll help get them ready!

On Mondays students ages 9 - 14 years will be exploring entrepreneurship, mind growth exercises, an introduction to finance, and more! We'll open up an etsy shop that we'll maintain through the session too. Writing and presentations will be woven into the curriculum as well. (3 spots) 

On Wednesdays students ages 7 - 14 years will be immersed in the science of their natural world! We'll do hands on investigations in biology, ecology, physics, and more! Often our science lesson will incorporate an art project to reinforce the offered subject matter. (2 spots)

Everyday students enjoy lunch in City Park followed by free time to run, play, climb trees, and enjoy each other.


Students can attend just one or both days. The cost for our spring session is $350 to attend one day or $550 to attend both days a week. Sibling discounts are available. All supplies are included. Students bring a lunch each day. This program is designed for children 6 - 14 years. It is best that students are  capable of basic reading and writing before joining. Please email or call for details or to get registered.


Please email or call for more information. cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com or 504-390-7482


*These Special Programs are only offered during the school year. Because tuition is higher for these programs, automatic monthly payments can be set up.

Adult Classes

Monday 8pm HIIT/Circuits, all levels

Wednesday 7:30pm Mat Pilates, all levels

Thursday  7:30 TAP DAT!, adult tap - all levels

*Adult classes are $50 a month, or $250 for the spring session for all the class you'd like to take! If you are only participating in TAP DAT!, dues are $150 for the spring. 

Spring 2019 Dates

Classes begin January 14th

Mardi Gras Break February 25th - March 9th

Spring Break March 31st - April 7th

Jazz Fest Break April 21st - May 5th

Registration & Rates

  • Spring session rates are higher than fall due to the number of classes in the session. 

  • Our rates are family rates making it easy for the whole family to get involved! 

  • Movement Classes are $300 for the first and $150 for each additional. Art & Theater Classes are $350 for our spring session, this includes art supplies and extra theater rehearsals. If a 2nd or 3rd art or theater class is added, the rate will be $175 a class. 

  • If Multiple Classes are taken, art and theater class will be charged as the first class. For example, 1 art class and 1 dance class would be $500 (350 for art + 150 for movement). Our Unlimited Family Plan is just $250 a month or $1250 for the spring session. This includes all classes but excludes day time programs and art supply fees.  Please email or call with any questions you may have about pricing. 

  • Please fill out a Registration Inquiry Form (this form is found on the registration page) to start the registration process. An invoice will be sent back to you via email for classes that still have availability in them. Your invoice should be paid within 24 hours to reserve your spot in class. Your receipt for invoice paid will be your registration confirmation. This is not an automated process. New student invoices may take up to a week. Returning students should receive their invoice in 48 hours.

  • If you have any questions about classes, please email us at cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com

  • If a student's class registration is cancelled for any reason, a 50% Refund will be given if we are notified of the cancellation 14 days before the start of the session. If we are notified of a cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the session, no refund will be given.