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New Orleans Nutcracker

New Orleans' first locally infused Nutcracker!
A classic ballet told with a local twist, danced by local dancers, featuring local music. It's exciting, a bit spooky, super funky, a lot lively, and a little mysterious just like our beloved city, New Orleans!

Our first New Olreans Nutcracker was produced in 2011 and we have continued to produce the New Olreans Nutcracker every year since! We had an outdoor Nutcraacker with a split cast in 2020 where all the dancers and audience members wore masks. With all the let down in 2020, we were not going to let not having our Nutcracker be another for our sweet students! Everyone involved loves this show.

We will be returning to a more "normal" Nutcracker this year. Almost all rehearsals will take place during regular classtime. There is no particpation fee however, the purchase of costumes and tickets is required We do our best to keep the costume cost as low as possible and reuse costumes and/or use one costume for multiple dances whenever possible. Tickets range in price from $25 - $35 depending on the venue and audience size. 

Rehearsals take place during regularly scheduled classes with exception of a couple of full cast rehearsals and the tech and dress rehearsal. Our show is always in December. 

This is a show for everyone! It's short, sweet, and exciting formt he start to the finish. We have some locals who love to attend each year as a family tradition even though they've never had a student dance in the show!

See you at the show!


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