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New Orleans Nutcracker

New Orleans' first locally infused Nutcracker!
A classic ballet told with a local twist, danced by local dancers, featuring local music. It's exciting, a bit spooky, super funky, a lot lively, and a little mysterious just like our beloved city, New Orleans!

We produced an outdoor Nutcracker last year, 2020, with a half split cast a quarter of the size of our usual cast, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make The New Orleans Nutcracker 2021 happen in the most Covid safe way possible again!

Things could be different this year, but here is how we managed our Nutcracker last year:
After our fall session ended at Thanksgiving, we began intensive rehearsals for The Nutcracker. There was a participation fee for student's who signed up to be a part of our small 2020 cast. The cost ranged from 75 - 200 depending on how many dances a dancer wanted to participate in. In addition, each dancer needed  a costume for each dance they were in. These range in price from $25 - $40. The cost for dancer's to particpate in one dance in the Nutcracker was about $100 total. This included a  minimum of 8 rehearsals. Guest tickets were $25 a piece last year and tickets were very limited due to Covid restrictions. 

In previous years, all dancers ages 6+ could particpate in the Nutcracker just by registering for Fall classes. Rehearsals were done during regular classtime and dancers purchased costumes and guest tickets. Our Nutcracker was always at indoor theaters around the city such as Le Petite, Tulane's McAllister Auditorium, and Loyola's Roussel Hall.

Our students love participating in the Nutcracker and their friends and families enjoy attending each year. We will continue to produce this family favorite if at all possible!

Registered students will receive information regarding The New Orleans Nutcracker in October 2021. 


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