Class Information & Student Needs

General Information For All Students and Caregivers:


Arrival Procedure- please arrive promptly for classes. Late arrivals are very distracting for students and teachers. Also, please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class time. This will help give the previous class time to clear out. Your child should approach their class spot without the help of an adult. Adults coming into the class space is strictly prohibited for Covid 19 safety. All students must arrive in a mask. Once given their spot, they may have the option to remove their mask. If caregivers want to observe, they must do so from afar. Your young dancer being able to see you when in class is distracting for them. Parents and caregivers should not congregate during class unless they are following all recommended mask and distancing recommendations.


Pick Up Procedure- please arrive promptly for pick up. When you see students collecting their things and putting on their mask, you will know its time for dismissal. Please do not crowd around the class. Classes with student's ages 10+ will not require parents to get our of their car for dismissal unless they feel it is necessary. Teachers will make sure these older students see their parent's car before taking off. For our younger students, caregivers will need to exit their cars. There will be a specific place that you will meet your child as they leave dance class. When it is your child's turn to leave, please make sure to wave your hands so that the teacher and your child can see you. Having someone out of the ordinary pick up your child during the time of Covid is strongly discouraged, as we would prefer not to have to have conversations with caregivers at drop off or pick up so that distance can safely be maintained. We are always available by email

Parking- Please park legally in the park for every drop off and every pick up. Do not block traffic. Do not double park. It's better to be a minute or two late than to cause a dangerous traffic concern.

Communication - Our main form of communication with parents and caregivers is email. Please make sure to read all emails sent from us. If your email address changes, make sure to notify us via email. If you have a question or concern please contact us through email. To properly maintain distance and limit exposure, there will be no after class announcements. 


Zero Tolerance Policy- City Park Movement and Art has a Zero Tolerance Policy. Children should be respectful and kind at all times. We strive to provide an environment where all children feel safe and welcome. Children will receive one warning for unkind or disrespectful behavior, after which they will be asked to leave. It takes everyone’s cooperation to create a peaceful and kind environment where we all feel safe and welcome. Thank you for playing your part in spreading kindness in our community! In addition to our usual zero tolerance policy of kindness and respectfulness, we have added Covid safety. If your child is not mindful of our Covid safety rules which now include distancing and mask protocol. Older student's expectations will be set higher, while younger students will will have concrete rules - such as stay on your spot and no touching your friends. No refunds are given for students who are asked to leave due to the zero tolerance policy.

Pre Covid Sick Policy Still Applies- We strive to keep our studio a healthy environment in all ways. Please keep sick children home so they can heal! After a sickness, your child must be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for 48 hours. Children under 6 with runny noses should stay home. If your child has a wet cough or a cough that is worsened by physical activity, they should not attend class. We have students and teachers with compromised immune systems and want to make sure that our space is a safe space for all. If your child arrives at the studio and is obviously sick you will be called for pick up. Please help us to keep our community healthy! 

Covid Sick Policy - If your child contracts Covid, they must get a negative Covid test result before returning to class. If your child is exhibiting any ill feelings, even just lethargy or a mild headache, please keep them home out of an abundance of caution. If your child has allergies, that cause cough, runny nose,  or excessive sneezing, we will need to know this in advance and would like a doctor's note via email too. 

Covid 19 Guidelines and Protocol

1. ALL Students and Staff Attending Outdoor Classes must wear a mask at all times. We know this may be harder for younger students, start practicing now. Make it fun! If the infection rate in New Orleans goes up, or if CDC guidelines change, our mask rules may change too.

2. Outdoor students, staff, and parents must ALL practice physical distancing at all times. Again, this will be harder for younger students so start practicing now. 

3. If you don't think that your young child can wear a mask and/or distance, please wait until they are older to register them. We love our youngest student's but Covid safety  is of the utmost importance at this time. 

4. Students will all need a small bottle of hand sanitizer with them at all times.  

5.  Students or staff who have been exposed to Covid - 19 must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days before returning to class. If a student or someone in the household has contracted Covid - 19, we'd like to know so that we can take necessary precautions.

6. We ask that students or staff who participate in our classes and programs and engage in high risk activity such as air travel, visiting amusement parks, or attending large indoor gatherings, please opt out of classes or don't attend for 14 days following your high risk activity. 

7. Parents are not allowed to attend outdoor classes. If you wish to stay close by, please separate yourself from the class by a minimum of 10 yards and do not congregate with other parents unless you are observing all masks and distancing recommendations. No exceptions. If a caregiver is not following Covid guidelines at drop off, pick up, or while trying to observe a class. The student and care giver may be asked not to return. No refund will be given.

8. If our community's restrictions increase again or if we decide it is best for our community and we move outdoor programming to zoom, no refunds will be given.

9. This policy will be ever changing. You will be notified via email about any changes.

Unexpected Closures- When severe weather happens, we follow the same schedule as schools and camps. If schools and camps are canceling for the day or closing early, the general rule is that we are too. An email will be sent if a cancellation happens. Classes cancelled for severe weather will not be rescheduled or refunded. Zoom classes may be cancelled for severe weather such as flash flood warnings, tropical storm warning, hurricane warnings, or tornado warnings so that teachers and students can make sure they are focused on their own safety. 


Refund Policy- If a student's class registration is cancelled for any reason, a 50% refund will be given if we are notified of the cancellation 14 days before the first class. If we are notified of a cancellation less than 14 days before the first class, no refund will be given. 

Outdoor Classroom- How is outdoor classroom different? Well, we'll still have a floor and music, but that's it. No bathroom. No shared tissues, no trashcan, etc. Please make sure that your child is prepared by using the restroom before class and bringing any needs that they may have. 


Dance Students

Ballet & Tap Combo Classes 4 - 10 years.

All students should wear dance attire to every class. This can include but is not limited to leotard, tights, jazz shorts, etc. These can be any color or style. Students in these classes will need ballet slippers. Ballet shoes should be pink for girls and black for boys. Students will need to arrive and depart in masks. Students should also have hand sanitizer that they use once given their spot in class. Please also make sure your dancer has a yoga mat or something similar that they can carry themselves to every class. For our younger students, we recommend a child size yoga mat or a regular mat cut in half so that it is easier for them to carry and manage.

Ballet I, II, & III.

Black Leotards. Ballet Pink Tights. And an optional black or pink ballet skirt. Male students should wear black dance shirt and pants. Female students should have pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes and male ballet students should have black ballet shoes. Students will need masks, hand sanitizer, and a yoga mat for every class if outdoors. Dress code and dance class etiquette must be followed for zoom classes as well. 

Jazz & Tap I, II, & II.

Dance attire of any color or style must be worn to every class. No T shirts, running shorts, or fashion leggings will be permitted. Jazz students will be dancing in tennis shoes this session. Jazz/Dance sneakers may be nice to have so that dancers can still point their toes. Tap students at this level need black lace up or slip on shoes that can bend with the foot. No stiff patent leather mary janes. Dancers will need masks, hand sanitizer, and a yoga mat for every class.

Contemporary Dance

Dance Attire of any kind or color. No T shirts, running shorts, or fashion leggings will be permitted. Outdoor Contemporary can be done in dance sneakers or regular tennis shoes. Zoom contemporary should be done in contemporary shoes. Dancers will need masks, hand sanitizer, and a yoga mat for every outdoor class.


Athletic Attire must be worn. Suggested attire: leotards, acro shorts, bike-a-tards. No T shirts or loose fitting tanks. No jeans or clothing of any kind that inhibits movement. Class will be done barefoot. Acrobats will need masks, hand sanitizer, and a yoga mat (or perhaps something thicker that they can carry and set up easily) for every class. For our youngest acro students, we recommend a toddler size yoga mat or a regular yoga mat cut in half.

Art Students

Art students will provide all of their own supplies. We are unable to share any supplies due to Covid 19. Once registered, you will receive a supply list. Supplies are always kept minimal with cost in mind.

Theater Students

Theater students will receive scripts and/or lyric sheets. It will be the student's responsibility to keep these organized and bring these to every class. 

Students are always responsible for their own costumes and props. 

Day Time Programs

Circle Time & Nature Walk

All students will need a full leak proof water bottle, an easy to eat snack, a mask, hand sanitizer and other recommended art supplies. All of this should be in a bag that your child can easily manage. More information on supplies once registered.

City Park Field Guide Makers

All students will need a full leak proof water bottle, an easy to eat snack, a mask, hand sanitizer and other recommended art supplies. All of this should be in a bag that your child can easily manage. More information on supplies once registered.

Art In The Park

All students will need a full leak proof water bottle, a mask, hand sanitizer, something to sit on if desired, and other recommended art supplies. All of this should be in a bag that your child can easily manage. More information on supplies once registered.

Company Dancers

Our company dancers are our oldest and most advanced dancers.

These dancers must all be enrolled in enrolled to dance a minimum of three days a week. All Company Dancers should be enrolled in Pointe and Technique classes. 

An unlimited package is always offered for dancers at this level. Please check the page of the session you are currently registering for, or email us for details. 

Why do we require or advanced students to take all of these classes and require them to dance a minimum of three days a week? Because by this level of training your dancer is on the physical level of a professional athlete. Their bodies must be in tip top shape to dance on this level. Anything less than three days a week is just not enough. Dancers lacking the strength and flexibility required for their classes can be easily injured. Another reason we require company dancers to take a minimum number of classes is so that all the dancers can keep up with their company dancer peers. Dancers only taking one or two classes a week are not going to be able to keep up with their peers who take seven classes a week, therefore, they'll be holding their team back.

Company dancers are a team. They need everyone on their team to be committed to the goal of being the best dancers they can be.

Being a company dancer is an honor and privilege and these dancers should be proud of this achievement! The friendship that comes along with this is just a bonus.