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Below you can find anything you ever wanted to know about our classes and programs. Enjoy and feel free to email us with any questions you may have after reading through the information below.


General Information For All Students and Caregivers:


Arrival Procedure

Students in Recreational and Level I classes should arrive right at classtime. There is no need to arrive early as these young children still require constant supervision. Our teachers do not want to be setting up and getting settled while students are present. We want them to know they have our full attention when they are with us.

- Late arrivals are discouraged in all classes as they are always a distraction for both the students and the teacher. At the Recreational level, students require direct instruction from the teacher in order to join a class that has already begun this requires that class be stopped, and in more advanced classes, late arrivals could result in injury as the dancer may miss the warm up. 

- Please always follow all parking laws and be mindful of our neighbors and others in the park. And always remember that there lots of dancers scurrying around at drop off and pick up!


Outdoor Classes 

- Children should approach their class without the help of a caregiver. Only students will be permitted to enter our immediate class space for Covid safety. Their teacher will be ready to receive them and help guide them onto their spot.

- If your child is susceptible to bug bites or itchiness you may want to send them in leggings or tall socks and apply bug spray before arriving to class. If your child has a fear of grass (this is pretty common), please get them outside and into the grass as often as possible!

- Students should always bring water to class.

- There is no restroom access for outdoor classes so please make sure your dancer uses the restroom just before coming to class. If there is a bathroom emergency, we'll call you.


Indoor Classes -

-  Bags and water bottles will be left outside the main studio (Dumane Street) in designated areas. Students may bring their things into the Oak street studio. A teacher will meet younger students out on the sidewalk at classtime and guide them inside the studio.

Pick Up Procedure 

- Please arrive promptly for pick up. If a caregiver is late more than once for pick up, the late fee is $10 for the for the first five minutes and $5 a minute every minute after that. This must be paid to the teacher in cash at the following drop off. If a caregiver is late for pick up more than twice in one session, they will be required to stay and wait within eye sight for the rest of the session.

- Please do not crowd around the class area in the park or the exit to the studio and always maintain all distancing protocols.

- Caregivers must exit their car and be within eye sight for pick up of students ages 10 and under. For outdoor classes once your child has packed up their belongings and is looking for you, please wave your hands so that they can see you and so that the teacher can easily find you too. Having someone out of the ordinary pick up your young child during the time of Covid is strongly discouraged, as we would prefer not to have conversations with caregivers at drop off or pick up so that distance can safely be maintained. We are always available by email cityparkmovementandart@gmail.com


- Please park legally in the park and at the studio for every drop off and every pick up. Do not block traffic. Do not double park.  Be mindful of our neighbors and others in the park.  Remember that there will be other students scurrying around during arrival and dismissal so please be careful.


- Our main form of communication with parents and caregivers is email. Please make sure to read all emails sent from us. If your email address changes, make sure to notify us via email (not a drop off or pick up). If you have a question or concern please contact us through email. To properly maintain distance and limit exposure, there will be no after class announcements. 

- Time sensitive information such as last minute class cancellations or location changes will be texted to the main phone number that you provide at registration. Please do NOT reply to group text messages. Text messages should only be used to contact us for emergency situations. All other communication should be done through email.

Zero Tolerance Policy

- City Park Movement and Art has a Zero Tolerance Policy. Children are expected to be respectful and kind at all times.

- We strive to provide an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Students will receive one warning for unkind or disrespectful behavior, after which they will be asked to take the remainder of the session off. No refund will be given.

- It takes everyone’s cooperation to create a peaceful and kind environment where we all feel safe and welcome. Thank you for playing your part in spreading kindness in our community!

- In addition to our usual zero tolerance policy of kindness and respectfulness, we have added Covid safety. All students must be mindful of our Covid safety protocol which now include distancing and mask protocol. 

- Expectations for students are based on age and ability. We understand that all of our student's abilities are different and this policy takes that into account. For example, we know that all of our recreational students are still learning to follow directions and take turns talking and that they may require reminders for distancing. We strive to be an inclusive community and are always willing to work with students of different abilities, backgrounds, learning styles, etc, but we do have to make sure that all students are able to enjoy their classes and that our teachers are able to execute their curriculum. 

Pre Covid Sick Policy Still Applies

- Please keep sick children home so they can heal!

- After a sickness, your child must be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for 48 hours before returning. Children under 6 with runny noses should stay home. Our teachers do not wipe noses. If your child has a wet cough or a cough that is worsened by physical activity, they should not attend class. 

Covid Sick Policy 

- Students who have any symptoms of Covid (runny nose, sore throat, cough, headache, fatigue, etc) should not attend class.

- If a student contracts Covid, they must get a negative Covid test result, wait a minimum of 10 days, AND be symptom free before returning to class.

- If your child has allergies, that cause cough, runny nose,  or excessive sneezing, we will need to know this in advance and would like a doctor's note via email too.

- Please remember that many young students are not yet vaccinated and that they can spread the virus even if their symptoms are mild. We want to do everything we can to keep our community safe.

Covid 19 Guidelines and Protocol - 

- We follow ALL CDC and Orleans Parish recommended Covid safety guidelines and protocol at all times. No exceptions.

Unexpected Closures

- When severe weather happens, we follow the same schedule as schools and camps. If schools and camps are canceling for the day or closing early, the general rule is that we are too. An email and/or text will be sent if a cancellation happens. Classes cancelled for severe weather will not be rescheduled or refunded. 

- Outdoor classes that are cancelled for rain or thurderstorms that are not severe will be held on zoom or rescheduled only if there is more than one cancellation in a session. Meaning that all outdoor classes can be cancelled once for weather without a zoom class or make up being scheduled. 

Refund Policy

- If a student's class registration is cancelled for any reason, a 50% refund will be given ONLY IF we are notified of the cancellation 14 days before the first class. If we are notified of a cancellation less than 14 days before the first class, no refund will be given. 

Outdoor Classroom

- How is outdoor classroom different? Well, we'll still have a floor and music, but that's it. No bathroom. No shared tissues, no trashcan, etc. Please make sure that your child is prepared by using the restroom before class and bringing any needs that they may have. Bring something to sit on and maybe apply bug spray before arriving.


Covid 19 Guidelines and Protocol

City Park Movement and Art will continue doing everything we can to protect our community from Covid 19.

We follow all CDC and City of New Orleans Covid Guidelines.

We have always aired on the side of caution in regards to Covid in an attempt to continue to provide a safe place for all of our community. Because our Covid policy is ever changing, an updated policy will be emailed to you directly just before the start of a new session.  


Program Details - Dance, Theater, Explorers

Dance - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro Dance, Lyrical, Improv, and More!

Come celebrate the art and dicipline of dance with us! At CPMA we teach our dancers to respect the history and dicipline of dance while also celebrating and exploring the artistic elements of being a dancer too! 

Our dance program is classically focused and our dancers are classically trained. Ballet is at the center of our program and is recognized as the foundation of all classical dance. We require all of our dance students to take a weekly Ballet class. In addition to Ballet, we also offer Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro Dance, Modern, Improv, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and more! Our choreography, music, and costumes are always age appropriate. We do not participate in competitions. We teach our dancers to only be in competition with themselves, always challenging themselves to work hard and progress becoming the best they can be. Progression over perfection always.

We encourage all ages and abilities to come explore and enjoy a dance class with us. Whether you are a curious 5 year old, a tween looking to try something new, or an experienced dance student hoping to attend a trainee program or become a professional, we have a spot for you!

Our dance department produces three dance programs a year: an original Nutcracker in the Fall, a Spring student showcase, and a Summer dance intensive production too! We do our best to keep our performance costs to a minimum. We also put on fantastic productions that the whole family is sure to enjoy! Our shows are short, sweet, and exciting from the start to the finish. 

More information on our original dance production The New Orleans Nutcracker

Recreational Dance Student Classes

These exciting introductory classes include Ballet, Tap, Acro Dance, and Jazz. Our Ballet and Tap classes are combined into one high energy 45 minute class that all Recreational dancers must take. While these classes are fun and playful these young dancers are alreday learning and practicing skills and terminology that they will continue to use for a lifetime. Even our youngest dancers learn proper French ballet terminology, begin to practice proper posture, learn basic music theory, and so much more! We encourage our students to enroll in two classes a week! They can add Acro Dance, Musical Theater, or Jazz to their weekly schedule. Taking multiple classes each week helps develop coordination, strength, flexiblity, self control, vocabulary, confidence, peer relationships, and so much more. We strongly encourage 6-9 year olds who would like to advance into Level I classes to take 2 - 3 classes each week.

Recreational classes are for students ages 3-8 years old. Plese pay close attention to age minimums and necessary experience required for each class.  We want all of our students to enjoy their dance classes. We want confidence to be built rather than frustration to be felt. Enjoying class and having a positive experience is much more important then being promoted before they are ready. We strive to create mixed level/age classes where all students get to experience being the leader and also the least experienced. The leaders build their confidence and perfect their technique while our least experienced dancers get inspired by the more advanced dancers. Once you are enrolled with us, and we know your child, we are more than happy to help you select the right class for your dancer, just email us.

Level I Dance Classes 

Our Level I Dance Program is for dancers ages 7+  who are ready to focus and work hard to become the best dancer they can be! Our recreational dance classes are for children who desire more imaginative play based classes over focused hard work. Our Level I dancers are required to take Ballet I and must take a minimum of two classes a week. Level I Dancers can add Jazz, Tap, Acro Dance, Contemporary, Technique, Musical Theater, etc.  The more classes your dancer takes, the faster they'll progress improving their confidence, and the closer relationships they'll build with their peers. The more classes you take the bigger discount on each class too! We encourage our Level I dancers to dance year round. A dancer looking to be promoted in the Fall MUST dance in the summer. If all their peers dance all summer - dancing, learning new skills, practicing learning choreography, becoming strong and more flexiblie, and they return after a summer off- they will be behind. 

Level II Dance Classes - 

Our Level II Dance Program is for dancers ages 11+ who have a minimum of three years dance experience. All Level II dancers must be enrolled in Ballet II and must dance a minimum of two days a week, three days is preferred.  Level II dancers are required to dance year round. A dancer must audition or be invited to join our Level II classes.  Please email if your dancer would like to join our Level II dance program. We'd love to set up an informal audition for your dancer.

Level III Dance Classes -

Our Level III Dance Program is for our most advanced dancers, ages 13+ with a minimum of five years of dance experience. These dancers are our City Park Movement and Art company members. All Level III dancers must take Ballet III and Technique II/III. Our Advanced Dancers must dance a minimum of three days a week, four is preferred. These dancers are required to dance year round and attend workshops during our holiday breaks. This Level of dance requires intense physical and mental training and a high level of commitment. A dancer must audition or be invited to join our Level III program. Email us if your dancer would like to join our Level III dance program.

Musical Theater

Acting, Singing, and Dancing too! Who doesn't LOVE musical theater?! Come sharpen your theater skills or get your first taste of theater with us. Whether you are a 6 year old that loves singing in the car, a 9 year old who was once in a school play, or a 17 year old seeking out at Performance Arts college for next year, we have a spot for you!

Our musical theater program welcomes ages 6 - 18 year olds of all levels and abilities. Students have the option to audition to be the star of the show or to choose to join the ensemble. We welcome our older experienced students to begin learning the art of co-directing, choreography, set design, backstage managing and more! There is a spot for everyone in musical theater. Everyone who registers will be able to participate. We do hold auditions for certain roles, but everyone will get a role and those more interested in set design and backstage managment can let us know that too! Our musical theater participants have the option to perform in three different musicals a year: fall, spring, and summer. Musical theater students are encouraged to take dance and voice classes too! 

Our Musical Theater Classes are leveled by age and experience. All Musical Theater students who would like a character role will need basic reading skills. All students involved in musical theater need to make rehearsals a priority, especially if an actor auditions for and is cast in a lead role. The commitment level for musical theater goes up as students age and progress. Our 6+ year olds will be required to listen to music at home and and our character roles will require line memrizations and drills outside of rehearsal. Our 9+ year olds will all need to learn lyrics and lines outside of rehearsal time. Our 12+ theater troupe will be expected to work outside of class quite a bit just as a professional would. At this level, actors are treated as professionals and expected to act as such. Caregivers should be aware that at this level our troupe is taking on PG-13 material. 

All Musical Theater Students will be responsilbe for printing out their own script and providing their own costumes. 

City Park Explorers

Our City Park Explorers will meet 9:30 - 11:30 three days a week. This program is designed for students ages 3 - 6 years old. Our explorers will meet outdoors in beautiful City Park for exploring, enrichment, and fun! These two hours will include: circle time songs, yoga, large motor movement,  pre-literacy and literacy skills, counting and simple math skills, story time, science lessons, art, play time, and more!  At City Park Movement and Art we know that play based learning is the best way for young children to learn. Our teachers will gently guide children into activities that excite them and will weave lessons in science, literacy, and math into their play. Each day there will be opportunity for more structured learning if a child desires this style of learning. For example, if during story time a child would like to name letters on each page or read the site words, they will be allowed to do so or if during art, the children are learning about ducks and one child would like to learn to write the letters in the word duck and sound them out this will absolutely be an option. Children's play may include fun learning activities such as collecting, then sorting leaves, and then counting each group, and discussing the similarities and differences. Our group will be no bigger than five children allowing our teacher and students to build strong relationships and the teacher to work individually with each child as needed or desired by the child. This program is a great way for children to get social interaction, learn the dynamics of a classroom and student/teacher relationships, learn to advocate for themselves, and prepare for more formal schooling without having to attend full time preschool and its Covid safe as a bonus!!!

Student Needs & Dress Codes

Dance - Summer Dance Schedule

Recreational Dance Students

Ballet & Tap Combo Class- Dance attire of any style or color. Ballet slippers and Tap shoes. Pink slippers for girls and black slippers for boys. Black tap shoes for everyone. Please make sure that dancers can change their shoes themselves without any help. If they can't yet do this, they may not be ready for dance class. To help young dancers feel grown up and independent opt for shoes with velcro buckles or replace laces with an elastic tie turning the shoe into a slip on. Dance shoes should be labled and kept in a bag that dancers recognize as their own.

Acro Dance Class - Attire dancers can move freely in. This may be dance attire or leggings and a tank top. This class will be done barefoot.

Jazz Dance Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Black jazz shoes or pink ballet slippers.

Level I Dance Students

Ballet I and Pre Pointe - Black leotard, black ballet skirt, pink ballet tights, and pink ballet slippers for girls. Black dance tights, black or white dance shirt, and black ballet shoes for male dancers. If it is over 85 degrees outsdie dancers do not have to wear tights. They can wear black dance shorts instead.

Jazz/Contemporary I Class - Dance Attire of any style or color. No Tshirts or running shorts. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or contemporary shoes.

Tap I Class - Dance attire of any style or color and lace up or slip on tap shoes that will allow your dancer's feet to bend at the ball of the foot. No patent leather mary jane style tap shoes at this level please.

Acro Dance class - Dance Attire of any style or color and barefeet.

Level II Dance Students -

Ballet II & Pre Pointe - Black leotard, black ballet skirt, pink or black ballet tights, and pink ballet slippers for girls. Black dance tights, black or white dance shirt, and black ballet shoes for male dancers. Male dancers are encouraged to take this class even if they have no desire for pointe shoes.

Jazz II Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Black Jazz shoes.

Tap II Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Black Tap Shoes. 

Contemporary/Lyrical II Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Pants or tights recomended for floor work. Nude color contemporary shoes (example: Capezio Pirouette) or dance socks (example Bloch sox)

Technique II Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Either jazz or contemporary shoes or dance socks. 

Acro Dance - Dance attire of any or color and jazz or contemporary shoes.

Level III Dance Students - Mask and Water for all classes

Ballet III Classes - Leotard, tights, and optional ballet skirt of any color. Pink ballet slippers and Pointe shoes.

Jazz III Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Black Jazz shoes.

Tap III Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Black Tap Shoes. 

Contemporary/Lyrical III Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Pants or tights recomended for floor work. Nude color contemporary shoes (example: Capezio Pirouette) or dance socks (example Block sox)

Technique III Class - Dance attire of any style or color. Either jazz or contemporary shoes or dance socks. 

Musical Theater Jazz III - Leotard and Tights. Black Jazz shoes and Black Character shoes. If a dancer is not yet comfortable in character shoes, they can choose to wear a Grecian dance sandal which has more heel than a jazz shoe but not as much as a character shoe.

Acro Dance - Dance attire of any or color. Contemporary shoe or dance sock. Pants or tights are recomended for floor work.


Musical Theater & Voice Class - 

Musical Theater students will need a folder or binder to put sheet music and/or scripts into. Students ages 9+ will also need a writing ustensil to take notes.



City Park Explorers - 

Everyday our explorers will need a mask, water, snack or lunch, watercolor set (crayola 8 color), pencil (one or two, we recommend the larger pencils for children under 5), crayons (small primary color box), small mixed media sketch book, soft pencil case (for pencils and crayons), and a small blanket or towel to sit on. Make sure not to over pack as your little one will carry their bag around a bit on their explorations.