Summer 2019

Classes and Camps


Come learn, grow, create, and Explore with us this summer!

Summer Day Camp

*Voted best speciality summer camp and best summer day camp in New Orleans in 2015, 2016,  2017, and 2018 by The Nola Family Magazine! Come find out why!

We will have five different sessions of day camp all with exciting themes and focuses. Join us for one session or all five. Each camp session will be an integrated learning experience, where campers explore different art forms, their own creativity, and much more! Our summer camp is exclusive, accepting only about 12 - 15 campers per session. These small numbers make it possible for us to easily take walking trips in the neighborhood, undertake in depth, multiple step projects, and allow the campers to help plan their own curriculum by asking questions or expressing interest in certain topics. At City Park Movement and Art's summer day camp all of our activities are small group activities and every camper has a voice!

Our summer camp is designed for kids 7 - 15 years old (some sessions will have older minimum age requirements). Younger siblings and currently registered students at least 6.5 years old, will be considered. Each session is one or two weeks,

Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm.  We do not offer before/after care.

Prices will vary depending on the session. If a camper attends multiple sessions, a $25 discount will be given for each session after the first. We also offer sibling discounts, just inquire. 

2019 Themes and Dates:


Sewing and Textiles *1 spot

May 28th - May 31st

 $225, Ages 8- 15 years (Now only accepting campers ages 12+)

*Tuition includes all supplies! Campers should have some experience threading a needle and tying a knot. Campers should be comfortable using scissors and straight pins.

Come have blast sewing, braiding, knotting, dying, cutting, pinning, and more! We'll sew our own custom designed and hand dyed kimono and create a boho macrame dream catcher. Campers will be ready to cruise into summer with their chic cover up and cool dream catcher, catching dreams of perfect  beach days. 





Theater Intensive *3 spots
June 3rd - 14th

$450, Ages 9 - 15 years (Now only accepting campers ages 10+)


Script, Lyric, and Music writing. Improvisation. Singing. Dancing. Costume and Set design. The campers at this session immerse themselves into creating and performing a musical theater production. This session ends with a professional production for family and friends to come enjoy in a theater! All levels and abilities are welcome! This year's production will be inspired by The Greatest Showman!








Doll House Camp *Full
June 17th - 21st

$250, Ages 7 - 13 years (now only accepting campers 10+yrs)

Campers will design and create their very own dollhouse! Each camper will build a wooden dollhouse about 2 x 3 feet. They will design the layout, add wallpaper, furnishings, and more! Wood for dollhouse, wall paper, paint etc included. Campers will be asked to bring recycled items such as empty dental floss containers and wooden spools to create some of their furniture out of! This camp is great for older campers who are into interior design and younger campers who still love playing with dolls. Who doesn't love creating miniatures! Join us!






City Park STEAM Camp *2 spots

July 8th - 12th

$250, Ages 8 - 15 years (Now only accepting campers 10+yrs)

Science. Technology. Engineering. ART. Math.

Campers will engage in experiential learning. We'll ride the Lady Bug, Train, and Carousel then recreate these experiences through video and photography projects. Campers will build a mini roller coaster while learning about simple machines, create an electronic carousel with working circuits, and much more! Everyone loves the amusement park at City Park, come learn about how your favorite rides work and create projects that capture the feeling these  favorite rides bring!








Dance Intensive * 2 spots

July 15th - 26th

$400, Ages 8 - 16 years


Experienced dancers are encouraged to join us for two joyous weeks of dance classes, dance rehearsals, costume design, show production and more! Students will improve Ballet technique, Jazz technique, and Tap technique while also working on flexibility, strength, and endurance. Our session will end with a professional theater performance.  This year's show will be inspired by the movie classic The Wizard of Oz, the Broadway classic, The Wiz, and the classical ballet version of The Wizard of Oz too!










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Weekly Class Schedule




3:30pm Art & Yoga, ages 2.5 - 5 years *Full

Come have some exploring art and yoga. Students will learn about different mediums including, watercolor, clay, acrylic paint, collage, and more. After our art is done and drying we enjoy yoga together too!

4:30pm Exploring Mediums, ages 6 - 12 years *2 spots

Each week new techniques will be taught and then practiced. We will learn about watercolors, acrylic paints, and drawing.

5:30pm - 6:30pm Drawing/Painting Open Studio, ages 10-16 years

What is an "open studio" art class? An open studio simply means that, the students will not be working on specific projects of the instructors choosing, but instead will have the chance to work on pieces of their own choosing. While most of their work will be self directed, in both medium and subject, they will have the support and guidance of their instructors, ultimately helping them develop new skills and pushing them to grow in the medium or style of art that they are most drawn to and inspired by. This class will have drawing and painting technique lessons built in, but for the most part the students will work on only a handful of pieces for the entirety of the session. Process & skill development will be emphasized.

6:30pm - 7:50pm Hip Hop & Contemporary, ages 10+ 

Dancers should have a minimum of 3 years of dance experience and should be at an intermediate - advanced level.



4pm Ballet & Tap, ages 3 - 5 years *1 spot

5:00pm - 6:25pm Ballet, Tap, Jazz, ages 8 - 12 years *3 spots

Dancers ages 10+ are encouraged to also register for Pre Pointe and/or acrobatics

6:30pm - 8:30pm Musical Theater style Jazz & Tap, ages 10+

Come have a ball improving your jazz and tap technique, sharpening your choreography retention, and building your musical theater repertoire. Dancers should have a minimum of 3 years of experience and should be at an intermediate - advanced level.



4pm Ballet & Tap, ages 5.5 - 8 years *2 spots

Dancers under 6 should have at least one year of dance experience. Dancers are welcome to stay for the next class too! No need for caregivers to return between classes, they'll just help us set up!

5:00pm - 5:55pm Dollhouse, ages 6 - 12 years *2 spots

Students will design and furnish their very own dollhouse! They'll add wallpaper, furniture, appliances and more! This class has an extra $50 fee for the 2x3 foot dollhouse. 

6:15pm - 7:10pm Pre Pointe, ages 9 - 13 years

Dancers should have a minimum of 2 years dance experience and should dance a minimum of two days a week.

7:15 - 8:00pm Show Choir, ages 9 - 16 years

This class will teach singers of all levels vocal technique, how to harmonize, and much more. Come sing your way through Broadway Classics while improving Musical Theater knowledge and repertoire. This is a great opportunity for our musical theater students to learn more about their own voiced and how to use them!



3:30pm Acrobatics & Creative Movement, ages 3 - 5 years *FULL

4:30 Beginner Acrobatics, ages 6 + years *1 spot

In order to move up to our advanced level, acrobats must also be enrolled in dance class.

5:30pm - 6:50pm Advanced Acrobatics, ages 9+ years

Students must also be enrolled in dance class and should already be able to do a cartwheel and go back into a backbend.

6:55pm - 8:00pm Lyrical, ages 10+

Dancers must have at least 3 years dance experience and be at an intermediate - advanced level of dance. Dancers at this level must dance a minimum of 2 days a week.



4:30pm Improv & Acting, ages 6 - 10 years *3 spots

Come improve your theater skills! We'll play acting and improv games. perform skits, learn stage directions, theater terminology, and more!

5:30pm - 6:45pm Pointe & Advanced Ballet, ages 12+

Students ages 12+ who have taken at least a year of Pre Pointe can begin attending this class. We will let you know when it is time to get Pointe shoes! Dancers at this level should dance a minimum of 3 days a week.



8:30am Ballet & Tap, ages 2.5 - 3 years *1 spot

9:30am Ballet & Tap, ages 4 - 5 years *3 spots

10:30am Ballet & Tap, ages 5 - 6 years *3 spots

11:30am - 12:45pm Ballet, Tap, & Jazz, 6.5 - 10 years *4 spots

*All class are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted.

*Classes begin Tuesday, May 26th, following Memorial Day.

Summer Class Dates


Classes Start Tuesday, May 28th

Mid Summer Break June 23rd - July 7th

Last Day of Classes Monday, July 29th

Rates & Registration

* Registration for summer day camp is open!

(More information on summer day camp under the heading summer camp.)

* Registration for summer classes opens soon!

* Our summer session is a total of 7 weeks.

* Summer Session rates are as follows:

1 class a week - $100, 2 classes a week - $150

3 classes a week $200, 4 classes a week - $250

5 classes a week $300, Unlimited classes $350

*These are family rates. Example: Two siblings each take one class - $150, or a family of 5 all take a few classes a week - $350.

*All art classes have a $10 supply fee.

*Dollhouse class has a $50 fee for supplies and wooden dollhouse.

* Once registered, information regarding class needs such as sketchbook or dress code will be emailed.

Adult Classes

Monday 8pm Circuits, come get your sweat on in the AC! Circuits will combine cardio and weight training.

Wednesday 8:15pm Barre - Pilates - Vinyasa Fusion. Tone, Stretch, Sweat. Let's get it!

Thursday 8pm TAP DAT! Let's tap dance.

*All levels and abilities welcome in all classes

Adult Class Pass - $100. Attend as many or as few classes as you like each week.